Pulp Magazine - Wollongong-based zine covering music, arts and culture.
(Nov 2018 - Present)

- Photographer
- Social Media managements
- Networking
- Creative Direction

Peggoins - "birb" meme account via Twitter
(2017 - Present)

- Bastardisation of Penguin & Pigeon = Peggoin
- Managed with friend Gijs Oosterling
- Targeting and formulating a community of people who like memes that include birds
- Curating, creating and re-uploading content

Venexa Arts - Call of Duty editing team via YouTube & Twitter
(2014 - Present)

- Owner
- Managing the team and curating content for YouTube release
- Judgement of quality of content & team member contribution
- Increasing public face via Twitter communication
- Currently seen as one of the best Call of Duty editing teams to be within the niche community
- Creative Direction and Development 

Cursed Toys "R" Us - Meme account via Twitter

- Owner
- Sub-category of meme humor of 'cursed content'
- Blending regular toys and children's products with polar opposite objects and or names

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