(2018), Video - available on VIMEO

For University subject MEDA201 - Time, Space & Data.
For John Cohen's 'Human Distortion' from his album Deaf Arena.

An experimental exploration of landscapes
Emphasised using the slit scanning technique

Inspired by Bill Morrison's 'Light Is Calling' (2004)

Recorded with a Google Pixel XL
Edited with Processing 3 & Adobe After Effects

Artist Statement

‘Human Distortion’ (2018), Video, attempts to show you a new perspective on landscapes. Using the slit scan technique, it forms a dimensional image made up from a single vertical line of pixels copied and then pasted after one another, generated by coding in Processing 3. By utilising John Cohen’s track ‘Human Distortion’ from his album ‘Deaf Arena’ (2013) and pairing it with the visual technique and glitched scenes emphasises the emotion composed by Cohen and complementing its grandiose soundscape.
Inspired by Bill Morrison’s ‘Light Is Calling’ (2004), I focused on highlighting the destruction of what the code was generating from what I edited to what you see in the final video, much like how Morrison wants you to focus on the story he edited together and the aesthetic of celluloid degradation. ‘Human Distortion’ doubles as a fan music video for John Cohen.

early installation notes;
dual screen corner projection version

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