'CNCRTE GRY' (2019)

4, A1 digital print on 160gsm
(arranged square 1,118 x 1,682mm)

‘Concrete Grey’ (stylised CNCRTE GRY) is a series of posters focused on politicians and the words associated with them in response to the overwhelming consistent reporting of trends stuck to the politician within our media space and coverage, creating a visual of highlighted words identifying them. 

The aesthetic of the poster features a form of the slit-scan glitch using a flatbed scanner influenced by glitch art and Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ magazine design by Zak Group. It manipulates images and distorts words and photos as I move them on the flatbed as it scans making it an uncanny, abnormal and a humorous outcome. Evoking a thrilling mood, extenuating the emotion of the concerning feeling of repetitive coverage in the media and exploring the notion of emotional responses, parochialistic groups of people, patterns of repetition in the media. These posters are frames of repetition in media. 

When reading, reiterate and relate your social value and knowledge of each Politician and attempt to remember the article, the story and context behind each word. Do you remember the relative story from one word over another? Are these posters curated to the point that it manipulates your point of view, or has the media already done that? 

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