An interactive installation and photo zine

In Motion is an Interactive Zine and Interactive Installation.
Using a Nishika N9000, a Quadrascopic film camera and QR codes.

Interactive Installation for University subject MEDA102 - Computational Media.

Zine produced as a personal project, started before producing the Installation, released later.
Printed by Ulladulla Printing Service on A5, 200GSM Cover, 120GSM Inside, laser bond & saddle stitched. 

Interactive Installation

Presented in the Digital Media Centre on the University of Wollongong's Innovation Campus.

Interactive Zine

Available via BigCartel.
In store Urge Records, Thirroul &
Repressed Records, Newtown.

Digital copy available via Sellfy as a PDF.

Artist Statement [For Installation]

‘In Motion’ is an interactive installation. The collection of negatives are from a Quadrascopic film camera called a Nishika N9000, which exposes 4 frames at once on 35mm film. These images simulate a 3D effect by looping frames of an object from various vantage points, edited and animated in Photoshop to give the 3D effect and presented as a GIF. The QR codes link to the GIFs. QR codes are to be scanned with your smartphone and viewed via the browser. The images are from times out with friends, of home and of bands at their gigs. 

This represents my very early stage of experimenting with the camera and technique. In Motion is an attempt to blur the gap between analog and digital techniques and technologies that are in mainstream photography via using an analog source to then use digital technology to convert it for suitable viewing. This is as well an attempt to make you physically experience images as negatives again.

Inspired by Bjork Digital’s use of modern technology and techniques, to construct new concepts with existing technology. Bjork also sources plenty of analog materials to reference throughout her work. Yoko Ono’s instructional piece ‘Grapefruit’ also inspired me; instructing the user to do and think and eventually reveal something new to them.

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